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Lessons from Apple’s copywriters…

This blog post by Russ Henneberry on made me wonder: are Apple’s copywriters the real geniuses behind society’s lust for iPads and Macbooks? There’s no question that Apple hires the brightest technical minds to further their goal of giving us what we want BEFORE we know we want it.  But as a writer, I have to stop and admire the genius of Apple’s branding efforts.

Writing like Apple: Less is more

It could be easy to get bogged down in the technological features of Apple’s products. Battery time, display screens, HD video, web cams…the list goes on. A quick visit to Apple’s website reminds me of what great ad copy is all about: selling benefits by appealing to your customer’s emotions in as few words as possible.

Apple’s iPad webpage isn’t cluttered with copy. A headline and two subheads says a lot: “IPad 2. Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10-hour battery. Starting at $499.” 15 words communicated the best features and the amazing benefits you’ll receive by buying your IPad 2.

Just like Apple’s brand, the copy is concise, clean, clever and most importantly: effective.


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