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Brands that are doing digital advertising right

We like to bookmark brands and digital ads we enjoy as we come across them. This sometimes serves as inspiration for ad campaigns we work on for our own clients, but often it’s just to share visuals of what we like, what stands out, and what might fall into the category we like to call “aspirational brands.”

Maybe you’re working on an ad strategy for your own brand, or perhaps you’re really trying to narrow down the message you want your brand to convey, and the way you’d like to be perceived.

We’ve pulled together some digital ads we’ve come across recently that have caught our eye for various reasons. We hope they serve as inspiration for you as well.

Bay Audiology

Why we like it: Text above the ad is short and to the point. The image itself uses minimal text and places the focus on a customer testimonial paired with a picture of a woman smiling. Not only is the woman relatable looking to the brand’s target audience, the positive imagery conveys a key benefit: better quality of life and happiness with improved hearing.

UNE Online

Why we like it: This display ad stood out with its mix of color and whitespace. The text is kept to a minimum, focusing on only a few key messages and the CTA button stood out against the blue background. Again, the use of a relatable face catches the eye – which isn’t just coincidence. Why we, as viewers, feel more connected to products when advertising includes a face we can relate to has actually been studied. Some call it “the smile appeal” and it’s been proven that using a smiling model in advertising can elicit more joy in consumers and increase how much we like a product.

The Light & Airy Photographer

Why we like it: Simple utilization of a before and after. Their audience can quickly see what the product does and the clear difference the app provides in helping to improve and preserve memories. The lead in copy conveys what the product does, and the imagery pinpoints the type of memorable moments many audiences can relate to wanting to preserve.


Why we like it: Text above the ad focuses on benefits of use quickly, clearly, and concisely using language that the target audience will relate to immediately. The accompanying video of rain falling on water is simple, without distractions, and conveys the message that Noom is calming. The overlay text features a testimonial so no sound is needed when playing the video (something that’s key as many audience members are often scrolling by without their sound on). It’s also a simple use of video content which is more engaging on social channels, even if you don’t hear the audio.


Why we like it: Similarly, Headspace focuses on the positive benefits users will experience with its product. “More smiling. More relaxing. More you.” conveys not only the desirable outcomes the user will achieve with the product, but also the idea that using it will generally help them focus more on who they want to be. The ad uses fun, colorful imagery and conveys happiness that stands out in the newsfeed. The bright vectors and illustrations catch the eye and the entire brand is centered around this look vs. stock photography.


Why we like it: Another quick video shows the product in use for an easy to understand visual that gets straight to the point. Rather than focusing on discussing product features, the viewer gets to see how the product works at first glance. Copy emphasizes quality and popularity, while enticing viewers with an opportunity to click through to take advantage of a sale.

A few take-aways: short engaging videos, color and clear benefits are winning digital advertising components.


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