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Avesta is a nonprofit affordable housing provider with a long-standing history in New England

Known best for its housing development and property management, Avesta needed help building awareness of its HomeOwnership Center. This free service helps renters and homeowners by providing financial coaching and advocacy to community members who need support reaching their housing goals. With a housing crisis affecting growing numbers of Maine renters and homeowners, Avesta wanted to reach and engage broader audiences.

Avesta’s HomeOwnership Center team asked fluent to help develop a paid media campaign that not only increased visibility but encouraged renters and homeowners to reach out to Avesta’s team of HUD-certified housing stability coaches for free support.

Avesta Rental Ad
Avesta Mortgage Ad

Our creative team developed an advertising campaign strategy focused on establishing the housing stability coaches as friendly faces accessible to the community. We repurposed professional headshots of the coaches into simple static and animated digital display ads with messaging relatable to (and frequently Googled by) renters and homeowners.

Avesta Facebook Ad

Our approach: We broke the effort down by creating two separate ad campaigns. One was to focus on homeowners only and the second campaign was to focus on renters only. The messaging, landing page and creatives were tailored to the specific audience in order to ensure relevancy from end-to-end and increase overall conversion rates for Avesta.

The tech details: We began with creating two different landing pages for each campaign, ensuring all conversion and user tracking was set up correctly and utilized UTMs for further analysis within Google Analytics.  A total of 3 marketing platforms were utilized during the course of the marketing campaigns.

Choozle, a programmatic advertising service, was used to serve display ads as an awareness campaign to get Avesta’s messaging to new audiences and lift web traffic. Overall, we were able to create over 7,000 impressions towards targeted and qualified audiences.

Avesta Landing Page

On the Facebook platform, the goal was to drive high converting traffic to their website who are in need of Avesta’s free coaching services. During the campaign the client realized the cost per lead for renters was much lower than homeowners, so we shifted the total budget over to renters and were able to yield a higher number of qualified leads.

We also utilized a quick video from the client to introduce herself and their services to create trust with the Facebook audience. The results showed that not only did we gain more total leads, but the cost per lead was dramatically cheaper.


Finally, a Google Ads campaign was designed to drive highly converting traffic to the website (just like Facebook). The same results show the CPL for renters was much lower than homeowners. The budget was eventually allocated to only the renter campaign. Overall, leads were produced between both campaigns and the click-through rate was very high for both.

All 3 platforms played a vital role in creating awareness and generating on average 1 – 2 highly qualified leads per day for Avesta’s free coaching program.

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