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3 Ways to Stay On the Content Writing Wagon

It’s easy to fall behind on producing fresh, custom web content. I write and edit blogs and websites for a living and it’s tough to set aside time for my own content writing. But if you’re serious about reinforcing your brand online, engaging with online communities and making your site visible to search engines, resist the temptation to fall off the content writing wagon!

Great Content is All Around You

Isn’t that good news? You simply need to repackage it. PR Web describes easy ways to take a topic and reinvent the way you deploy it. Here are three tricks for quickly repurposing your content:

  1. Read your own website. You generated the content – landing pages, services descriptions, case studies, client testimonials. Ask yourself again: “What do I want to be found for online?” If you’re a housecleaner who is branching into green cleaning practices and want to be found for “green housecleaning in Portland,” create a short page of content on this very topic, optimized with supporting keyword phrases. Expand upon your original services page to generate a short page on green housecleaning. Write a blog post to support the new page (Are you using a new method or cleaning technique?) Describe it on your blog and be sure to include a link to your new page at the end of your blog post.

  2. Give a publication legs. Have you issued a press release lately? Any new team members, recently completed projects, new products or awards? Edit a press release into an authored article on a timely topic or into a case study featuring your capabilities. Case studies and news items often justify a web page of their own, or at minimum, you can write a shout-out on social media sites to drive interest to the “new” page of content.

  3. Repurpose customer feedback. Do you receive emails or questions from customers via email or social media? What are their primary concerns? Write a how-to blog post answering a popular question. If the topic is meaty enough, consider issuing an email alert to your contact list and post the content on your blog and social media pages.

If your content ideas are prolific, but you need help with copywriting, SEO or on-page optimization, contact Marnie to learn more about how an Internet Marketing Plan can improve your online presence and boost sales.



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