We recognize that for some organizations, an ongoing relationship with an outside agency might not be the best fit. 

That’s where Fluent’s training for in-house teams comes in. We’ve identified a few key areas that can make a big difference in rounding out your marketing efforts. With our training programs, we work one-on-one with businesses to provide a customized, interactive training for your team. Following the training, we stand by to provide follow-up support as needed while your team begins practicing these skills internally. We step in, teach, guide/mentor and then step out, leaving your marketing and communications talent with a stronger set of specialized skills.

Our Training Programs

Annual Planning & Budgeting

We’ll guide your team through the process of developing an annual marketing plan complete with measurable goals, tactics and budget.

Media Relations Training

We’ll educate your team on the ins and outs of media relations – from researching a topic, to developing a pitch, to actually pitching your target journalist.

Brand Audit

This training will teach your in-house team how to conduct a brand audit to better inform future marketing and advertising investments.

Communications Audit

We teach your team how to review your existing messaging across channels, look at share of voice, and compile a comprehensive report of your current efforts.

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