We believe in the influence of third-party media coverage.

Our approach to an earned media program is always highly customized but rooted in our own mantra: “You have expertise. Be known for it.”

As a Maine PR firm, we help our clients build awareness as thought leaders through public relations and earned media. We define “media” broadly as any third-party outlet that reaches your desired audience. This includes traditional broadcast and print media, trade publications, industry associations and in some cases, alliance brands who reach overlapping audiences.

Our PR plans look carefully at the audiences you need to reach, the key messages you want to share and the tactics necessary to increase your visibility for both your brand and those key messages.

Thought leadership and earned media programs are both strategic and rooted in our belief that brands earn greater credibility when their story is told or published by a trustworthy, respected third party media outlet.

We develop and execute public relations campaigns and utilize our integrated approach to maximize earned media exposure by leveraging it across digital brand channels and within content marketing programs.

We’re actively involved in the Maine Public Relations Council and are proud to have received several Golden Arrow awards for projects ranging from integrated campaigns to earned media coverage.

Targeted media outreach

Meaningful media pitching goes so far beyond blasting a press release to an expansive media list. In fact, some of our most successful campaigns had no press release at all.

We work with our clients to identify target media outlets and spend time developing a custom media relations strategy. As an agency, we build and nurture relationships with journalists to earn their trust. This helps open the door for conversation when it’s time to pitch them specific story ideas we know fit within their editorial focus. Our PR experience includes earning placements with local, national and trade publications and online outlets.

Media training

We know that even the most knowledgeable professionals can clam up with a camera in their face. We understand the preparation it takes to ensure your comments during an interview are educational, engaging, and on point. We work one-on-one with company spokespeople to get them comfortable before talking to the media by fine tuning messaging and streamlining talking points. Our clients are seen as thought leaders in their industries and enter interviews feeling comfortable and confident with a story to tell.

Comprehensive reporting

Our efforts are measurable, and we utilize top of the line reporting tools to provide our clients with a comprehensive overview of public relations, advertising, and digital marketing efforts.

Awards and speaking opportunities

We nominate our clients for key awards that will recognize them for their hard work and organize speaking opportunities to put them in front of their target audience.