Even the most talented in-house marketing departments need support.

We believe in integrated marketing communications but we don’t believe in unicorns, and finding that one perfect person to meet all of your marketing needs can be just as rare. It comes down to diversity of skills in the field of advertising, marketing and communications and whether to outsource these, keep them in-house or a bit of both. A few scenarios typically lead businesses to outsource their marketing or communications:

~ A lack of bandwidth or a one-man department needs support as a company grows.

~ An in-house marketing team lacks deep experience (or interest) in a specific service/skill. (Let’s be real, not everyone wants to pitch the media, run Google Adwords campaigns or learn InDesign.)

~ A business with no in-house support is considering hiring one marketing staffer vs. using an outside agency.

In many cases, you can outsource some or all of your marketing at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time marketing or communications director or manager. We call this the search for the “unicorn of marketing.” Companies often think that hiring a single marketing pro will solve all their needs. This is understandable for organizations that have never had an in-house marketer on staff. As marketing professionals, we know that the skills and expertise in this field are both diverse and ever-changing. Only a mythical creature could deliver senior-level strategic thinking, copywriting, design, web skills, PPC, social media, email marketing, PR, the list goes on. Before you launch a search for your next unicorn, compare your full investment of onboarding, salary and benefits against an agency’s annual retainer. You’ll likely get greater depth and diversity of skills for the same (or lower) annual investment.

Interim marketing or communications director

You may not need a long term commitment, but your marketing strategy shouldn’t suffer if you’re in a transitional phase. When capacity allows, we’re available to step in and ensure your marketing needs are covered while your key staff are on leave or if you’re busy searching for the perfect fit to join your team. We work closely with both leadership, in-house teams and your established vendors to keep things flowing and allow for a seamless hand off when the time comes.

Scope of services

Our outsourced marketing services range from brand strategy and implementation to public relations, content creation, and digital marketing. The nature of this work is ongoing, so we work on a contract basis with a specific scope of services tailored to each client’s needs.

Whether you have an in-house marketing department, are a one-man team or have no internal marketing talent, Fluent IMC can serve as your outsourced marketing director, specialist or entire department. Our team has both agency and in-house marketing experience, which allows us to jump in and work effectively in almost any culture.